POWERPOINT – What is the point? To attract your audience and to inform, tedious and predictable presentations aren’t effective. You want to aim for a classic, clean and creative presentation, it may even get you a smile from the boss. It can also lead to an overall improvement in your public speaking and presenting.
PowerPoint plays such an important role in the corporate climate, let us look at the DOs and DONTs.

These are the DOs:
• Use an out-of-the-box font that is easy to read. Times New Roman is a Serif font (composed with lines and embellished on the ends) – which is a little harder to read. A San Serif font doesn’t have the embellished ends which makes it a cleaner looking font, for example Helvetica, and Arial.
• Big is better! Small fonts with long sentences will make your audience lose concentration. Shortening the text and using a big font size will help you cut to the point and be straightforward.
• Do you want to use visuals? Be creative by putting images and audio on your presentation; an element of surprise for your audience.
• Use color. You will most likely want to use corporate colors but don’t be afraid to add a splash here and there to make it interesting.
• Always remember: less is more. Keep it short and sweet yet powerful at the same time.
• Use SmartArt to convey your message instead of bullet points.

Here are the DONTs
• Overuse of Transitions and Animations can be distracting.
• Produce the slides the way you would want to perceive them, interpret the presentations from the audience’s point of view.
• Have more slides in the presentation instead of slides with too much information.

In addition, there are a lot of benefits to using PowerPoint
• It is flexible: you can convert it into pdf plus, you can view documents on mobile or desktop.
• It encourages interaction
• It also has a visual impact
• It can be saved as a video
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