Microsoft Word has been part of our lives for the past 36 years offering its users elementary functions which allow us to design documents, newsletters, invites and brochures. In fact, this article was typed out using MS Word. Popular for its excellence in offering timeless features which make our mundane tasks more tenable, the programme continues to be innovative, increasing its usability across all office spaces.

Being the most used word processor programme in the world, its availability both online and through the MS office package makes it easily accessible, increasing its reach to more people. With user experience being constantly improved upon with each annual MS Word version, we maintain our stance that MS Word remains to be instrumental in the work place, offering a more personal and enjoyable experience. And it is for these reasons that we offer coherent, cost-effective courses in MS Word for basic to advanced users.

Owing to our eighteen years’ experience in conducting short courses, we have compiled five MS Word features which make office tasks simpler to complete. Besides conventional features such as combining documents, changing the page layout and the ability to insert signatures, the programme also offers:

The ability to incorporate other Microsoft programmes into your document. For example, if you have a report to compile which requires the combination of coding sheets and charts, then one can to paste the Excel spreadsheet into the Word document, compiling it into one report. Images and graphs from PowerPoint presentations can also be pasted into the document, adding to the aesthetics value.

The programme also possesses functionality to insert equations into your work such as the area of a circle the Fourier series. In addition to this, it offers you the option of including symbols such as βeta and ∞ (the infinity symbol), providing the necessary authenticity of documents which require numerical data.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a way to make your words look more alluring and neat, Word allows you to change the spacing between two characters by using the Kerning adjustments. This detail allows you to decrease cluster and making the perusal of the document that much easier.

When documents are created, you as the author are allowed to protect the report and inspect it. In protecting it, you able to secure and personalise which content in the document other people are allowed to edit, and in inspecting the document, you are able to edit out user information that may have gotten added automatically to the document such as the author’s name and location, or remove any other concealed content.
A feature that can be beneficial to those in academia is the generating of an index. This feature allows one to produce an automatic table of contents for documents that have many headings and page numbers. It requires you to use a set of styles for your headings and later convert them onto the index page where the selected headings and their corresponding page numbers are automatically added as they are picked up by the programme.

As industry specialists, we are constantly faced with individuals who are unaware of the endless features that Word offers. And as such, we highly recommend our courses to working individuals who would like to advance their Microsoft suite computer skills. For more information regarding the services we offer, do not hesitate to book a session with us. Give us a call on 082 801 5338 or send us an email at