From time to time, one can lose a bit of confidence and feel unworthy of the success they have, this can lead to self-sabotage. Lack of self-esteem may be brought about by the competitive nature of the workplace; one person always wants to seem greater than the other. This is where self-worth/value comes in.

Identifying your worth and working towards weaknesses to become a better version of yourself will help you advance more in your job or career. But one should always be careful, confidence can be mistaken for arrogance. Ego should be out of the way when one is undergoing their journey through self-confidence.

There are many questions that one can ask themselves when evaluating the value they possess in the workplace, like the following:

  • What difference do you make in the company?

Reflect on the impact you have had. The improvements you have implemented. Have clients reached or exceeded their goals when you were part of the team?

  • Are you engaged with work that is fulfilling and exciting?

Maybe your lack of confidence was triggered by you not being happy at work. Discouragement can ruin the drive to finish even small tasks. After scrutinizing your happiness, it might be a great idea to make a change that will give meaning to your life again.

  • Are you feeling pressure from peers?

Seeing your peers become successful, whether it is in the workspace or their personal lives, might get you feeling a little under the weather. Turn these negative feelings into encouragement for you to do better.

  • Are your time management skills outdated?

You might lack confidence or be producing work that is not up to standard because you are lacking in the area of time management. Rework your schedule and how you manage your time so you can achieve your deadlines.

  • Lastly, believe in yourself.

Acknowledge that your opinions and ideas matter and should be voiced. You owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Now that we have listed all these questions, you might need professional help that will aid you in navigating around realizing your self-worth.

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