You have the qualification and the knowledge, it shouldn’t be that hard navigating through the workspace right? You might want to re-evaluate that. Recruiters and employers want more than a qualified candidate as an addition to their company, emotional intelligence might be as important as intelligence quotient.

Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence: Why it can Matter More Than IQ might be a great place to start. Early psychologists coined the term and define it as a person’s ability to recognize, understand, manage, and reason with emotions. This, without a doubt, can influence our decision-making process and this is why hiring managers are very wary about which candidate they hire. This may scream “exclusion”, understandably so. It is for this reason that companies should invest in bettering their staff by taking them to soft skills training. Bettering your staff will improve their work life and the work they produce.

The following are the benefits of emotional intelligence training:

• Better office environment – This does not imply that thing should be put under the rug for a harmonious environment, but colleagues should be aware of their emotions. Doing this will result in improved communication internally. When the staff understands each other and their emotions, the workflow becomes smooth. Plus it enhances ones listening skills amongst other skills.

• Leadership capabilities – These leaders have the ability to inspire employees. People working for leaders with high emotional intelligence are motivated to do their very best in every task they need to complete. Leaders with these qualities can make a huge impact on the company culture.

• Self-awareness – Knowing one’s self (the weaknesses and the strengths) can cause a person to take constructive criticism well, plus encourage them to ask for help when needed. An employee with high emotional intelligence can also reveal and control their own emotions to team members, as well as be in a position to exercise restraint when it is needed. This shows a clear ability to self-regulate.

• Time management – it will be improved because your employees will tackles tasks with a clear headspace and understanding of their abilities. Time consciousness comes with a lot of benefits, it will help you become more productive, efficient and less stressed. You’ll have more time to put into other tasks.

• You will be ahead of other companies – If your employees have undergone training there will obviously be an improvement in their performances at work and personal life.

Our course Soft Skills/Personal Growth Strategy will allow you to transition from the introduction of one’s self and their understanding of emotional intelligence to reasons why its valid in the workplace. We also offer more personal training that translates well into your employee’s office life.
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