Phishing for Information
Office 365 – Confronting Phishing
Phishing – is best described as a criminal activity in which sensitive information is retrieved via email or telephone by
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Are You Value Fit For Your Company?
You have heard it being said that developing your emotional intelligence, especially in the workplace is important. Not only does
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Tealtek - 3 Pillars about EQ
Is Your EQ Up To Date With Your IQ?
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become synonymous with wellbeing – if your employees are unhappy; it becomes evident both in their
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Microsoft Word Features used in the Workplace
Microsoft Word has been part of our lives for the past 36 years offering its users elementary functions which allow
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Tealtek - 3 Users with 1 red user and red Conflict-Resolution wording
Benefits of conflict resolution
It is no secret that when operating in the workplace, we are constantly faced with a variety of individuals who
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Tealtek - Microsoft-Skills-in-the-work-place-with-all-Microsoft-icons-2
Why Microsoft Skills are Vital in the Workplace
Having a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite is a key necessity.  It is required in over 80% of
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Tealtek - know-your-self-worth-in-the-workplace
Knowing Your Value in Your Workplace
From time to time, one can lose a bit of confidence and feel unworthy of the success they have, this
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Tealtek - Powerpoint-Do-and-do-not
The Power of PowerPoint
POWERPOINT – What is the point? To attract your audience and to inform, tedious and predictable presentations aren’t effective. You
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IQ/EQ Image
IQ or EQ?: Emotional Intelligence In The Work Place
You have the qualification and the knowledge, it shouldn’t be that hard navigating through the workspace right? You might want
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Tealtek - excel training
Benefits of Microsoft Excel in the Work place
Microsoft Excel is one of the most important programmes used in many sectors which can manage your documents, products, workforce
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