You have heard it being said that developing your emotional intelligence, especially in the workplace is important. Not only does it help you with conflict resolution, but it also assists in making you value fit for your workplace. One problem we have monitored amongst our clients is that many of their employees come to our sessions not knowing their importance to the team – they are unable to recognise what they bring to the business. This, of course, highlights a very important aspect that many employees are not aware of – are you value fit for your company?

Knowing one’s values and how they contribute to one’s work are important as they assist your employees in conducting thorough introspection. This forces them out of their comfort zones and into a space which triggers the desire for personal growth. Here at Tealtek, we offer a Personal Growth Strategy course which includes a “Know your Values” session which dives into identifying one’s value fitness. In our sessions, we help employees identify their values, and to see if those values are applied to both their home and work life. In doing so, we help remind your team members who they are and how the identification of their values can contribute to their personal growth. With that being said, we look at some of the reasons as to why employees lose sight of their value/values.

According to human resources specialist David Hassell*, when an organisation looks for a potential employee, they usually assess them to see if they are culturally fit for the organisation – meaning is there a sense of cohesion between the individual and the company’s values? Those who meet the requirements get the job and those who don’t are in danger of not being hired. So what better way to ensure that you get the job and remain there than to shift your values to fit those of the company, even if it means losing your own? This mindset presents itself as a challenge – a company should be able to embrace employees that have different values*. Taking your employees for value fit sessions is not only beneficial for them, but also for the company – it helps analyse the value fit of the company to see if it’s not perhaps harmful to their employees.

Another challenge presented is when employees’ values are lost to that of their organisation in that the individual loses themselves in the transaction, thus resulting in the stagnation of their personal growth. Encouraging your employees’ personal growth should be a necessity – the more your employees put into their personal growth, the more their work outcomes improve, which in turn benefits you as an employer.

One of the objectives of our value fit sessions is for employees who share the same values to be able to identify each other – this is done for accountability sake. Another reason as to why employees lose sight of their values is because they may think that they are not important. Members who discover that their values are shared by others will be encouraged – once they realise that they are not alone, they will be more inclined to live and work according to their values, not feeling shy about them, boosting their work moral.

We take pride in our Personal growth Strategy course, which is rich in sessions such as the “Know your Values” which will help equip your employees with the resources to further develop themselves – allowing them to look beyond what they see. For more information regarding our Soft Skills course, do not hesitate to book a session with us. Give us a call on 065 653 5036 or send us an email at